More than One...We are Many!

Find out below why?

More than one gender...we have programming for both boys and girls!
With over 650 competitive players 10U and older along w/ 1,000 Youth League players 4U and older...we are Many!

More than one single advanced level USSF and NSCAA certified staff...We are Many!
USSF A Licensed Staff = 8 coaches/directors 
USSF A-Youth
(new curriculum w/focus in advanced youth development) = 2 pending (taking course now, with final testing in June/July 2017)
NSCAA Premier Diploma Holders
= 6 coaches/directors
USSF Youth Licensed Staff 
(education in player development U6-U12)  = 7
USSF B Licensed Staff
= 3
USSF C Licensed Staff
= 7
USSF D Licensed Staff
= 11
USSF E Licensed Staff
= 8
USSF F Licensed Staff
= 9

US Club Soccer - Player Development Program - iD2 Northwest Camp Invites...We are Many!
10 Girls

US Youth Soccer - Olympic Development Program - Regional Camp Invites...We are Many!
24 boys and girls combined

Goal Keeper Program Trainers...We are Many!
5 trainers, all with collegiate level and above playing experience/instruction/licensure

Annually, the highest percentage of college placement...More than One...We are Many!
84% Boys Side
94% Girls Side

More than one level of play...We are Many!
Platforms of play that consist of Local, Northwest, Regional and National Levels of competition

More than One...We have Many Regional & National Championships (only club in Idaho)!
US Club & US Youth Regional Champions = 3
US Club & US Youth National Championships
= 2
US Club & US Youth Regional & National Finalists
= 2