FC Nova Mission


Our mission is to create the highest quality soccer programs for youth and adults in the Treasure Valley and beyond.  FC Nova seeks to accomplish this mission through a dedicated and experienced staff delivering a diverse set of soccer programs at a dedicated, soccer specific development facility.  We seek to provide local athletes a soccer environment that facilitates a joy for the game, life skills development, and access to soccer opportunities within and outside the Treasure Valley.  Soccer is a global sport and our players can and do leverage their experience in a variety of athletic, academic, social and professional environments.  "Opportunity looks a lot like Hard Work" is the foundation for our player development model and serves our members on and off the field.

With the merger of Les Bois SA and Boise Capital SC, two of the most successful youth soccer organizations in the State of Idaho for the past 20 years FC NOVA is established in 2010. The Club aims to promote a healthy environment, which enables each player to fulfill his or her potential both on and off the field. Players, parents, and coaches should feel confident and comfortable that key areas of development— technical, tactical, academic, personal and social—are the primary concern in each and every decision the Club takes. 
1. Assist in the development of all NOVA players and help provide life skills essential to personal development. 
2. Create a lifelong passion for the sport of soccer and a capability to help raise the level of soccer in the Country. 
3. Afford players of all ability levels the opportunity to maximize their potential. 
4. Afford players the opportunity to develop levels of outstanding soccer potential, equipping them to play at levels ranging from high school teams to national teams. This is accomplished by the following. 

• Developing technical and tactical aspects; 
• Providing opportunities and experiences necessary for player development; 
• Providing education with respect to the benefits of healthy lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition; 
• Supporting personal, social, and academic development; and 
• Developing self-discipline and self-respect. 

5. Play an active role in the player’s holistic development by: 

• Encouraging communication between teachers, parents, coaches, and Club staff 
• Creating partnerships with parents, schools and colleges. 

6. Recognize that not all players’ life priorities will be soccer and that the Club environment should act as platform and tool that can assist in the development of the individual to succeed in whatever walk of life they choose. 
1. Employ a dedicated team of professionals whose shared goal is excellence both on and off the field; 
2. Ensure that players will be trained in the latest skills and techniques; 
3. Provide a coordinated and centralized coaching and administration structure to create continuity in the development of NOVA players; 
4. Create comprehensive monitoring programs covering coaching and educational issues; 
5. Refine and update any practices that the monitoring has shown need improvement; and 
6. Establish player and parent forums to encourage parents to play a supportive role to players within the Club.