ECNL announces new members!

Making the 2014-2015 cycle truly a North West Conference

With the addition of FC Portland and Crossfire United (THUSC and Crossfire Oregon Partnership at ECNL age groups) the NW Conference is expanding to 6 NW territorial members.  The makeup of the division will now provide home and away match formats with current members Crossfire Premier (WA), Washington Premier FC (WA), FCNova (ID), Avalanche (UT) and the two Portland clubs.  Creating a 10 game environment within the North West region.  

"This is truly great news and well deserved of FC Portland and Crossfire United," said FCN ECNL Director of Coaching; Eric Simmonsen.  Simmonsen went on to explain, "The Elite Clubs National League has worked so hard in preserving the quality of the league, while at the same time expanding conferences to make financial reason for member clubs.  This is a well measured addition to the Elite Clubs National League and our conference.  Our families and athletes will surely feel the financial lift without sacrificing any competitive drop. The additions also place us in Portland and Oregon where we have consitently placed players in NCAA DI, DII, DIII and NAIA programs through our college advisory process, allowing our players just that many more additional opportunities through the game!"

To round out the 14 game conference play schedule the NW Conference members clubs will get 4 crossover games with the Nor Cal (2) and Colorado (2) divison members on an annual rotating cycle.  Strengthening again the region and states where we not only place players in college program, but providing a financially responsible solution for all members.  More details on exact scheduling will be released this summer for the 2014-2015 conference play cycle. 

"The Elite Clubs National League is by far one of the most professionally run and administered leagues I have been a part of in my 20+ years of coaching!", mentioned Simmonsen.

If you are interested in reaching your highest potential, there is no other option but FCNova.