FC Nova Winter Programming

We at Rock and Armor are very excited to continue our relationship with the FC Nova program! Last year we were fortunate enough to train with a few teams and very much look forward to the opportunity of helping each individual/team in the FC Nova program reach their full athletic potential. With our staff of Performance Coaches, Physical Therapists, and a certified Nutritionist we at Rock and Armor work hard daily to ensure the success of every athlete. Our 8,000 sq. ft. facility is the perfect place to train hard and work on all of the components it takes to become a successful soccer player. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the FC Nova program and look forward to seeing all of the growth and gains that your athletes make this year. 

               At Rock and Armor we have developed a sport-specific soccer program which will cover mobility, flexibility, power, explosiveness, both lateral and linear speed, agility, strength, conditioning and injury prevention (specifically the ACL). The hour long sessions will be taught by several  of our highly qualified sport performance coaches. We will administer an evaluation for each athlete at the beginning of their sessions and then conduct periodic testing and evaluations to measure an athlete's progress.

Classes will be held at the Rock and Armor facility located at 535 N. Locust Grove Rd Meridian, ID 83642.

For specifics on this program click HERE.