Save Around Fundraising

FC NOVA is sponsoring the SaveAround sale to raise funds to offset costs for competitive soccer. SaveAround is a coupon book that offers hundreds of buy-one-get-one-free discounts, along with many other great discounts!!

You sell each book for just $25!! Each Player makes $10.00 per book sold towards their player account.

You customers will find out that the book pays for itself after using it just 2 or 3 times. You make your money back and more!!! Also you can download the mobile app and save in any location where merchants are participating!

The Fundraiser will be coordinated as follows:

Start Date: 07/28/2017

Coupon book and envelope/order form will be picked up with ether sample book or # of books interested in checking out (20 max). Please make sure you have filled out the survey to indicate your interest and be included in the sales.

Survey Link:

End Date: 09/05/2017

Please have your player return the extra books and money in the envelope/order form to Nicole at FC Nova by 9/07/17 with their NAME on it, and MONEY for additional sales inside. Product/Orders can be turned in early if you’re finding you’re done or no longer interested. If only one book was sold, please keep your book for delivery and return only money and order form.

Online Ordering Delivered to your doorstep

Your unique URL for online sales is:

You can share this URL with anyone who wishes to purchase online and have their order shipped directly to them (Great for family members/friends who live out of town!). Any orders placed through this particular URL will give your group credit. Your buyers should see, "Your purchase today benefits FC Nova Soccer Club" at the very top of the page to ensure that your group will receive your profit.

Orders above and beyond what was checked out will be filled within 10 days of receipt of order form and $.

Make checks payable to: FC Nova. All checks need to have player name and age group in the memo line.


Thank you for supporting your FC Nova Soccer Player!!

Questions: Contact Nicole Vaughan Here.