FCN Soccer Online Registration

2015-16 Programs

Please complete the four steps below to register for FCN Competitive Programs. These programs include FCN Gunners, FCN Academy, FCN Competitive and FCN ECNL program.  If you are looking to register for the FCN Youth League - please go to www.fcnovayouth.org.  

Step 1 - Medical Release Forms

All FCN players are required to have a completed and signed IYSA and US Club medical release. The both Medical Release forms can be downoaded HERE.

The completed Medical release forms should be provided to your team manager or sent via email to Leslie Mathes at leslie.mathes@fcnova.org

Step 2 - FCN Financial Agreement

All FCN players/families are required to complete a finanical agreement. This agreement spells out the anticipated costs for the year. Please note that there is a different financial agreement for different age groups:

  • FCN Gunners Program (U9 players) - click HERE
  • FCN Gunners Program (U10 players) - click HERE
  • FCN Academy Program (U11-U12 players) - click HERE
  • FCN Competitive (U13-U17 players) - click HERE
  • FCN Competitive (U18 players) - click HERE

Please note that a $100 sign up fee (payable by check or credit card) is required to secure your roster spot.

How to make payments: 

Option 1 - Payment through Got Soccer Option 2 - Payment through purchase of Boise Open Tickets

Got Soccer will allow you to manage your player's account in a way best suited to your needs.


To pay via Got Soccer please see Step 4 below.

The families buy the Boise Open tickets and 100% of their purchase goes back to them to pay either club dues or team fees.   Once they receive the tickets in the mail they have the option of using them for themselves or selling them.  All monies used to purchase Boise Open tickets are credited to the players account the following month.  Payments made in May are creditied in mid-June, payments made in June are credited mid-July.  The benefit to the club is that there is a $50000 pot that is distributed to all the non profits that participate in this program. The distribution is based on percentage of overall Boise Open sales. So if nova sells 10% of the overall sales we get a check for $5000.  Great way to pay for club dues, get free tickets to a professional golf event and benefit the club.  
To purchase Boise Open tickets please go to albertsonsboiseopen.com.  When purchasing the tickets, you will need to designate "FC Nova" as the non-profit and list the player name in the space provided.
Player registration is still required via Got Soccer (see step 4 below) but payment will be processed via the ticket purchase.  

The completed FCN Financial Agreement should be provided to your team manager or sent via email to Leslie Mathes at leslie.mathes@fcnova.org

Step 3 - Copy of Birth Certificate

All FCN players/families are required to provide a copy of your childs birth certificate. If your child played competitive soccer last year for Nova, we already have a copy of the brith certificate. Only players that are new to competitive soccer need to provide a copy of the birth certificate.

The copy of the Birth Certificate should be provided to your team manager or sent via email to Leslie Mathes at leslie.mathes@fcnova.org

Step 4 - Got Soccer Registration.

FC Nova is now using the Got Soccer registration system to manage our player groups. Each player must be registered in the Got Soccer system in order to be assigned to an FCN team/age group.

  • Got Soccer Registration Instructions - Click HERE to download instructions on how to register.
  • After downloading the registration instructions, Click HERE to go to Got Soccer and follow the registration instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the FCN Registrar, Leslie Mathes at leslie.mathes@fcnova.org