St. Lukes - Athletic Training

FC Nova and St. Luke's are partnering to provide athletic training services at NO CHARGE to FC Nova athletes throughout the year.

Click HERE to report an injury to St. Luke's Sports Medicine

Included Services for FC Nova athletes:

  • Injury Consultation/Assessments/Rehab (at FC Nova or by appointment)
  • On site Trainer at FC Nova Complex (see website calendar).
  • Certified Athletic Trainer on site at selected travel events
  • Injury Assessment Report - summary of injury and rest/rehab requirements for parent and coach
  • ​Concussion Management Plan
  • ​Return to Play form/Release


St. Luke's appointment request: St. Luke's has staff onsite at FC Nova and during selected travel events based upon perceived need.  If you want to set a specific appointment, please contact Ian Sandercock directly to set up an appointment at either FC Nova or the St. Luke's Sports Medicine Clinic at

St Luke's Concussion Resources: FC Nova is partnering with St. Lukes to provide all FC Nova players with top level resources regarding concussion education and treatment. See the content and applicable forms here:

FC Nova Concussion Management Plan

FC Nova Return to Participation form(mandatory for post concussion assessments)

FC Nova Parent/Athlete Concussion Education Video

FC Nova Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement form

St. Luke's Concussion/Baseline Testing: FC Nova is partnering with St. Luke's Sports Medicine to improve the diagnosis and treatment of concussions.  As a part of this effort, players are encourage to complete baseline testing. Please click on the link for more info:


Reach the St. Luke's Concussion Clinic :  208-381-2665



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