Northwest Lineman College donates time to replace lights at FCNova Complex

Having a blub out over the past 8 months created some lighting issues on the lighted field that FCNova were just unable to fix on their own or contracting out for additional monies.  With fiscal resposnibility to our membership as a priority, many ideas were thrown around in order to deal with the situation. 

That is where the gang from the Northwest Lineman College (NLC) stepped in and assisted.  It was not an easy task as the force figured out once on sight.  But being the true professionals that they are, the guys were able to devise a way to reach the lights.  So with lift truck, harnesses, ladders and spare bulb in hand they went to work on a solution.  With the time donated by the staff at NLC we would no doubt still be "scratching our heads".

 FCNova are tremendously grateful for our community and want to give a big "shout out" and THANK YOU the the staff from Northwest Lineman College!