FC Nova Youth League - Coaching Resources

This page contains resources for the Coaches and Assistant Coaches involved in the FC Nova Youth League.

Revised Rules and Game Day Instructions

To download the most recent copy of Youth League Rules, Game Day Instructions and Field Maps, click on the following link:

FC Nova Youth League - Document Library

To view the documents in the FC Nova Youth League Document Library:

Accessing the Byte Size Coaching Website

As part of the FC Nova Youth League's coaching education program, the FC Nova Soccer Club has made arrangements with Byte Size Coaching to provide an online curriculum for our coaches and assistant coaches. Access to the Byte Size Coaching website requires a username and password.

Do not share your username and password with anyone. Additonal users may obtain usernames and passwords from Jim McMillan, Youth League Administrator at (208) 841-0441.

To access the Byte Size Coaching Website:

  1. Have your username and password handy
  2. Click on the picture below:

  3. Click U7 Curriculum for U5/U6 teams
    Click U8 Curriculum for U7/U8 teams
    Click U9 Curriculum for U9/U10 teams

ALERT!: FC Nova has made, at quite an expense, a binding commitment with Byte Size Coaching. You, as a coach, assistant coach or co-coach, have privileged access to this website which is tracked for hits by Byte Size Coaching. If Byte Size Coaching logs more hits than we have contracted for, we are assessed a penalty fee. We are very serious about not sharing this website with members of other clubs.

Do not, under any circumstances, share your website username and password with anyone!!

Additional Coaching Resources

The following website forms are only to be used by Team Head Coaches, not asst coaches:

 Form Name  Form Description

Team Information Form

This form is used by Head Coaches to communicate information about their team, such as practice location and team nicknames, to the Youth League Administrator

Schedule Request Form

This form is used by Head Coaches to communicate special schedule requests for their team to the FC Nova Youth League Administrator before the schedule has been published.

Star Moves Report Form

This form is used to by Head Coaches to communicate players that have completed Star Moves to the technical staff.


Updated: July 18, 2017