FC Nova Youth League - Team Information Form

This form is to be used by coaches to communicate any Team Nick Names, Practice Locations and Home Game Fields to the FC Nova Youth League Administrator.

Important Notes

  • This form should only be completed by the team's head coach.
  • This form should be completed prior to March 12th, 2018 but may be submitted again after this date to update your team's information.
  • This form should be completed at least once for each team. If you don't know all the information, you may submit the form multiple times as the information becomes available.
  • When submitting this form multiple times, complete all information each time, not just the information that has changed. Your new information will overwrite your previously submitted information.

Team Information Form

Note: When entering information on this form, please use the <tab> key to move from field to field. Complete as many fields as possible each time you submit the form.

Team Information:

Team Division ........

Team Number ..........

Coach Name ...........

Where does this team practice?

Name of location ......

Nearest Cross Streets .

What days does this team practice? (Check ALL that apply)

Unknown <== uncheck this one when selecting dates

What is this team's nick name? (Please complete all three choices)

Team nick names will appear in the website schedule and will make it easier to identify your team:

  • Each team in our league must have a unique nick name. (Team names can be used only once).
  • Team nick names are issued on a first come, first served basis
  • If your first choice has already been used by another team, your second choice will be used, etc.

Please don't use this as an opportunity to swipe some other team's nick name from last season. If you had a team nick name last season that you were happy with, please continue to use it. Or, you can use this opportunity to select an entirely new team name.

1st Choice ......

Please enter 3 different nickname choices for your team

2nd Choice ......

3rd Choice ......

What are your team's preferences for a home game field location?

It may be possible to schedule some of your games at a location other than the FC Nova Soccer Complex this season.

Note: In age divisions where satellite sites are used for a team's home games, some of your away games will have to be played at satellite sites.

Please use the spaces below to choose a 1st and 2nd choice for the location of your home game fields. If we are able to accomodate your request, your home games will be played at one of these fields.

1st Choice ......

Please enter 2 different home game locations

2nd Choice ......

3rd Choice ......  FC Nova Complex (South Meridian)



After completing ALL the information on this form, click the submit button below:


Updated: March 10, 2018