The story behind the 2014-2015 FCNova Uniforms

September 25, 2014

    FCNova hit the valley in full force with the 2014-2015 unif
orm release this past weekend.
    With the new kit releases we wanted to provide some insight behind the brand!

   In the spring of 2010, two of the valley's most storied clubs in the history of Idaho youth soccer made a major  decision.  That decision was based off the premise to create a comprehensive and robust soccer environment for boys and girls in and outside of the Treasure Valley.  Based on the philosophies of "what is best for the kids" and "what is best for the game", FCNova was born out of the merger between Les Bois United and Boise Capital Soccer Clubs.  Bringing together two stars in the player, coach and game development arena to create one entity that enhances the environment of soccer, community and student-athletic endeavors.

The two original clubs that merged to create FCNova wore "Red and Black" as their primary founded colors.  Past the foundation years; styles, colors and retail brands changed often.  With Puma we found a partner that not only provided quality gear and attire, but matched our goals in helping to offset costs impacted by youth soccer families while providing opportunity. In our 2nd year, as part of Project Pink with Puma, FCNova girl's side started wearing the famous "all pinks" for Breast Cancer Awareness and in the process eventually becoming a national brand/staple answering the question of, "Who is that club in the pink uniforms?".  Everyone knew it was FCNova.  Introducing the 2014-2015 brand and the return of Red and Black as our primary colors along with the Pink highlights on our "home" white kits.  The U14 boys have actually gone ahead and purchased the new "all black" kits that the boys side is transitioning into for 2015-2016 and looking great!  Overall the goal of creating a classic professional representation of FCNova while honoring the history of the brand was achieved.

As we do listen to our membership, you will also notice that the "NOVA logo" FONT differs now comparing boys and girls kits.
Updating both with a more masculine font on the boys side and feminine font for our girls side.

  Through continued support of our sponsors we have been able to help offset costs directly impacted by families. has been a mainstay sponsor in helping with tremendous contribution efforts to our operating budget, tournaments/events support and offsetting costs that otherwise would have directly been asked of our members to cover.  This is why on the new kits, at all program levels, you will see the logo on the youth league (back) and competitve uniforms (sleeve).  

Another foundation sponsor are St. Luke's Sports Medicine - Idaho. With the initial commitment of Dr. Jim Johnston, his wife Lynne and at the time Boise Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (now St. Luke's) the support goes far beyond monetary.  St. Luke's provides us with an in season ATC-LTC who can perform initial assessments on injuries for players, staff and members free of charge.  Along with this they support our tournaments, events and the Elite Club National League fixtures.  They also provide coaches education topics in relation to injury prevention, assessment and return to activity.   With this last cycle's contribution, St. Luke's Sports Medicine's support helped us create a uniform package for our U9 and U10 FCN Gunners Girls and Boys athletes. Including a ball, drawstring backpack, shorts, socks, Puma uniform and training tee shirts at no extra cost for over 130 families in that specific age program.  Reducing the costs for kids in their introductory phase of competitive/formal programming. Accordingly, you will see the St Luke's Sports Medicine logo on our youth league uniforms and under the number on the backs of all our U9 and U10 FCN Gunners Boys and Girls Puma uniforms.

Join us in celebrating our community, partners and attack on the future!