Way to go FCNova!

17 teams make 2014 Performance Cup finals!

At home, dealing with every weather system mother nature could throw the participant's and spectator's ways, FC Nova represented "beyond well" at the 2014 Performance Cup.  With clubs from not only Idaho but Washington, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada; 1000's of players and families descended upon the valley for a shot at a 2014 Performance Cup title.

17...yes, SEVENTEEN FC Nova age groups teams made championship or finalist spots this year.
Congratulations to all of our boys and girls for embracing adversity and playing the beautiful game.

Age Group Gender Team Finalists Champions Notes   Age Group  Gender Team Finalists Champions Notes
U10 Boys White 2014       U10 Girls Grey 2014    
U10 Boys Hot Sauce 2014       U11 Girls White   2014  
U13 Boys White 2014       U12 Girls Pink   2014 Won U13G Premier 
U13 Boys Black 2014   Played up to U14B   U13 Girls PreECNL
  2014 Won U13G Elite
U15 Boys Black 2014   Played
up to U16B
  U14 Girls Pink 2014    
U17 Boys Black 2014   Lost Championship
due to goal differential
  U14 Girls ECNL 2014   Played up to U15G Elite
U18 Boys Black 2014       U15 Girls ECNL     2014  
U16 Girls Pink   2014 Played in U16-U18
  U16 Girls ECNL 2014   Played up U17/18G Elite
              U17 Girls  ECNL   2014 Beat U16 ECNL 2-0

GREAT JOB FC NOVA boys and girls!!!